For many years, I’ve worked as a freelance professional photographer all over the world, shooting for clients as varied as people can be. Everything from models and musicians, to holistic medics and yoga instructors, to yacht-racing teams and martial artists, to newlywed couples and even fellow photographers. Naturally, this profession has taken me to some crazy places, and I’ve spent months at a time travelling all over the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, to name but a few of my favourite locations.


In my free time, I still tend to gravitate towards getting involved with lots of different projects and activities. I’m a six-year veteran participant of the Burning Man event in Nevada; volunteering my time for anything from the construction of camps and ‘mutant’ vehicles, to simply making coffee and pancakes for bleary-eyed, early-morning Burners… three-hundred of them at a time. I’m an avid cyclist, motorcyclist, rock-climber, hiker and explorer, & at some point real soon, I intend to secure my solo skydiving and BASE licenses to enable me to finally pursue an activity that offers an enormous pull for me: jumping off all the clifftops from Norway to China.


My name is David Bullivant. Thanks for checking out my photography portfolio!



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